New Pastoral Note from Archbishop Vigneron on Families of Parishes

On Pentecost Sunday of this year, Archbishop Vigneron announced the next step in the missionary transformation of the Archdiocese of Detroit: Families of Parishes.

Over the next year-and-a-half, all parishes in the archdiocese will join together into groups of three to six, called “Families of Parishes.” Going forward, these Families of Parishes will work together, sharing resources and talents to further advance the shared mission of our local Church.

The Family groupings have been compiled in the last few months through consultation with the auxiliary bishops and priests, a process steeped in prayer and with attention given to the best interest of each community. The final list is expected to be released on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

In the meantime, to help us all better understand why we are moving in this direction, Archbishop Vigneron has written a new Pastoral Note on Families of Parishes, providing some theological context for the transition and introducing a renewed structure for parish ministry to more effectively equip them for their missionary work. Like all Pastoral Notes released in recent years, this new text is informed by and expands upon the steady foundation of Archbishop Vigneron’s 2017 Pastoral Letter, Unleash the Gospel.

Looking into the not-too-distant future, Archbishop Vigneron also uses this new Pastoral Note to anticipate the development of Family Missionary Strategic Plans, which will guide each Family of Parishes as it carries out its work in the years to come.

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