Family Gatherings Coming Soon

A series of three Family Gatherings will provide the lay faithful a better understanding of their role in a Family of Parishes

Now that the Wave 1 Families of Parishes have been announced, it is important for the lay faithful to understand and appreciate the significance of their role in this transition. The Great Commission of Jesus Christ calls us all to go and make disciples, and we can do that by making our Families of Parishes places where people can encounter Jesus anew, grow in faith as disciples, and be equipped to be his witnesses.

As Archbishop Vigneron has stated in his Pastoral Letter Unleash the Gospel:

“The engagement of every lay person, according to their gifts and state in life, is essential for the mission of the Church to be fulfilled.” -UTG Marker 5.1: The Laity

We each have a role in this mission. Families of Parishes provide numerous opportunities for the laity to support this mission through their gifts, their talents, and their prayers. Your opportunity to engage is coming soon.

Beginning in March/April of 2021, there will be a series of three Family Gatherings held for each Wave 1 Family. The themes of these gatherings are as follows:

  • Gathering #1  Encounter: In this gathering, members of the Family will be introduced to each other. Parishioners from all parishes in the Family will have an opportunity to get to know one another and to encounter Jesus through new relationships as brothers and sisters.
  • Gathering #2 Grow: This second gathering is about beginning to grow together as disciples through the creation of relationships founded in faith.
  • Gathering #3 Witness: This third gathering will encourage Family members to celebrate together as a Family, receiving the grace that comes with confidently witnessing to the Gospel.

Through these Family Gatherings, we will come to a better understanding of our role as lay faithful in the Archdiocese of Detroit transitioning to Families of Parishes.

For all who are in a Wave 1 Family, keep watching for more information and your invitation to attend these Gatherings. These same Gatherings will be repeated for Wave 2 Families in early 2022.