Major 2021 Milestones for the Transition to Families of Parishes

While specific details of the Families of Parishes transition will vary from family to family, here's a general outline of key events and milestones to expect in 2021.

Implementation of Families of Parishes activities for 2021

As parishes across the Archdiocese of Detroit prepare for the transition to Families of Parishes, we know that many of the faithful will have questions about when certain important events in the transition will occur: When will we know what clergy are assigned to our Family of Parishes? Will our Mass schedule change? Will there be opportunities for us to come together and pray with our brothers and sisters from the other parishes in our Family? 

We’ve outlined major milestones for the upcoming year to help answer your questions. While the specific details will vary somewhat from Family to Family, we hope that you find this informative and helpful.  

Over the coming weeks and months, please join us in praying for the entire Archdiocese—clergy, religious and faithful—that we may embrace this new era in the life of our local Church with an unshakable confidence in God and his plan for us. 


The laity will have the opportunity to engage in support of our mission through their gifts, their talents, and their prayers beginning with a series of Family Gathering Events. All parishioners of Wave #1 families will be invited to an event specific to their family to get to know one another and pray together three times from March through July.

Learn more about the upcoming Family Gatherings


On April 14th and 15th, the newly appointed Wave #1 moderators and lead pastors will spend time praying, reflecting, and learning together about their new role and responsibilities. 


All of the priest and deacons of the Wave #1 families will come together to pray, reflect, and learn about their roles at regional two-day retreats during the month of May or early June. During this time, priests in each family will begin working on a “Covenant agreement” which will describe how they will work together as a team and how they will share the duties of shepherding the parishes in the family. 


On July 1st 2021, the Wave #1 families will launch. Before the end of September, each family will have the opportunity to celebrate with a commissioning Mass celebrated by their regional bishop.


Archbishop Vigneron in Unleash the Gospel calls for the archdiocese to undergo a “missionary conversion” through a change in our culture. A component of this change will be in the way families of parishes structure staff to prepare creating a band of missionary disciples. Key staff positions in engagement, discipleship formation, evangelical charity, family ministries, worship, and mission support will be filled by the end of September.


While many of the activities for 2021 are focused on Wave #1 Families, parishes that are in Wave #2 are encouraged to prayerfully consider the following activities.

  • Join an Intercessory Prayer Teams from all the parishes in your Family to begin praying together.
  • Form Bible study groups with members from all parishes in the Family.
  • Form study groups with members from other parishes in your Family to read and discuss the Pastoral Letter Unleash the Gospel and the Pastoral Note Led by the Spirit on Mission.
  • Develop and implement programs that involve all parishes in the Family, such as a combined Lent retreat or mission.
  • Volunteer for a Christian Service opportunity at another parish in your Family.
  • Get familiar with the other parishes in the family by visiting their website and reading their bulletins.


For more information on Families of Parishes, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.