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3695 Lincoln Rd - Bloomfield Hills

St. Regis Parish

We are being invited into a time of greater innovation for our parishes, exploring how they can work together and finding new and uncharted ways to unleash the Gospel.

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From the Archbishop

Our call to make disciples of all nations has its origin in the Great Commission our Lord bestowed upon the Eleven in the final moments before his Ascension. It is a call which has echoed and re-echoed down the centuries to every bishop, priest, deacon and member of the baptized. It is a call which needs to be rooted in each age and in the specific circumstances of each local Church.

Evangelization must be the driving focus of parish life and all of our structures must flow from this mission. With Families of Parishes, we seek to address this challenge, renew our parish structures and continue our transformation into a missionary archdiocese.

The structures we inherited for our parishes served us well in the past, but we know from Synod ’16 that parishes need to be realigned for mission. These new Families of Parishes will collaborate by sharing resources —  including priests, deacons, and staffs across parish lines — to further advance the mission Christ has entrusted to his Church.

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Families of Parishes

A Family of Parishes is a grouping of three or more parishes that collaborate in deeper and more intentional ways than parishes have ever done before. Each parish in a Family will retain its own unique identity, similar to how each sibling has his or her own unique role in the family.

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We each have a role in this mission

Family Gatherings

Beginning in March of 2021, there will be a series of three Family Gatherings held for each Wave 1 Family. Through these Family Gatherings, we will come to a better understanding of our role as lay faithful in the Archdiocese of Detroit transitioning to Families of Parishes.

Gathering #1 - Encounter: Parishioners from all parishes in the Family will have an opportunity to get to know one another and to encounter Jesus through new relationships as brothers and sisters.
Gathering #2 - Grow: Grow together as disciples through the creation of relationships founded in faith.
Gathering #3 - Witness: Celebrate together as a Family, receiving the grace that comes with confidently witnessing to the Gospel.

These same Gatherings will be repeated for Wave 2 Families in early 2022.

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