Synod 16 called for a complete renewal of structures of our parishes to make them radically mission-oriented. Our goal is to make our parishes places where individuals and families can encounter Jesus anew, grow as disciples, and be equipped to be witnesses to the Risen Christ.

The Goal

To renew our parishes so they become places places where individuals and families encounter Jesus and grow as missionary disciples


The Plan

To respond in faith to the challenges we face and to take the necessary steps to better equip our parish communities for mission.


Our Resolve

To advance with unshakable conviction of the truth of the Gospel and a love that compels us to share the good news with those around us



Archbishop Vigneron has written a new Pastoral Note on Families of Parishes, to help us all better understand why we are moving in this direction, and introducing a renewed structure for parish ministry.


Where we have been

Six years ago, we asked God to send his Holy Spirit upon us in a New Pentecost and renew the Church in Southeast Michigan.

We are not the same diocese we were six years ago when we began this journey. God has been at work in us, in our communities, in our parishes, and in our schools.

We have learned to be more docile to the Holy Spirit. We have learned to walk with apostolic boldness and confidence in God. We are committed to working in a spirit of innovation and collaboration. And most importantly, we have resolved to place Christ and his mission above all else.

News and Updates

The next step in our missionary journey

Groups of clergy and lay faithful will work together to define the structure of the families of parishes and the ways in which this new model will help all our parishes become vibrant posts of missionary activity

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Jesus Christ makes all things new! He himself is at work to renew his Church in the Archdiocese of Detroit. He is pouring out his Holy Spirit anew so that every member of the Church may be formed and sent forth as a joyful missionary disciple, so that the Gospel may be unleashed in southeast Michigan.

Archbishop Vigneron

Unleash the Gospel

It starts with you


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